About Us

We at GPCI are small apartment experts, specializing in buildings of 25 units and under. We bring over 25 years of experience in brokerage, property management, consulting, and ownership – all in the small multifamily niche!

GPCI offers a more intimate working relationship where your interests come first. For example, we won’t hold your listing to try to sell it in-house, and we won’t put you in a deal that’s bad for you just to book a commission. We are long time Valley residents and apartment owners ourselves. We know acquisition/disposition price is important, but we’ll also guide you in financing, property location, management, renovations, turnover rates, occupancy, and controlling expenses, all of which affect your bottom line.

Terry Kass

Terry is known in the Valley as an apartment specialist and property manager. In fact, he holds the highest professional designations in those fields, the CCIM and CPM. He has personal ownership experience in properties throughout the Valley and has lived here for over 35 years. Terry is a published author and literally “wrote the book” on property management. He has taught real estate for Nouveau Riche and Phoenix College.

Mark Skelpsa

A native of Phoenix, Mark brings a wealth of insight into the Valley’s real estate. His background is in construction and he partnered to grow one of the fastest growing construction subcontractors throughout the 2000’s. Mark first came to the multifamily niche as an owner and still owns today. He "gets it" what an amazing wealth-generating opportunity apartment ownership truly is, and he brings that orientation to work for GPCI’s clients. To a fault, he’ll give clients only “the straight scoop” in every disposition or acquisition.

Nikki Bray

Nikki is a graduate of Arizona State University. In 2008 she began to pursue her long time interest in real estate. Since then, clients have come to rely on her expertise in residential sales and transaction management. Being a native of Arizona, she has extensive knowledge of the Valley's locales. When she isn't out scouting new real estate investment opportunities for clients, she is enjoying her time as a wife, mother of four children, and two Golden Retrievers.