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When you think of a person who works in real estate you might imagine a sharp-dressed Realtor® sitting on a park bench or in a television commercial waiting to sell your home. You may be envisioning the person who hosted tours and arranged furniture, and printed out flyers to sell your home.

You probably aren’t thinking about the property manager.

What the profession lacks in glamor and notoriety it makes up for in money, opportunity, and sheer entertainment value. But, you may not really know what a property manager does.

Yes, they occasionally turn up at a tenant’s door, but what are they there for? Do they collect rent from reluctant tenants? Ferret out illegal activities? Combat armies of termites and cockroaches? Intervene in the lives of hopeless hoarders on the brink of eviction? Pet sweet, loving Pit Bulls and outwit drug dealers?

If you pursue a career in property management, you’ll be doing all of the above and much more. There’s no need to panic – whether you’ve already started down the road to property management greatness, or are considering dipping your toe in real estate, this book will tell you everything you need to know to be successful, calm, prepared, brave, and more attractive to the opposite sex.

“Real Estate Stories” will give you an insider’s look into the zany world of property management and investing in multi-family units. And you’ll enjoy some good belly laughs along the way, too!