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Phoenix apartment construction rises despite national downward trend

Despite nationwide apartment construction slowing in 2018…

5 Trends to Watch in Multifamily Investment for the Rest of 2018

Multifamily investors have continued to enjoy rock-solid stability…

Average rent rises in June to all-time high

U.S. multifamily rents ended with a bang heading into the July…

Multifamily Investors Need to Get More Strategic About Value-Add Plays

A good sub-market for a value-add play should show a difference of several hundred dollars between the cost of renting a new, luxury apartment and the cost of renting an older unit.

Phoenix Multifamily Prices Are Skyrocketing in 2018

Multifamily investment in Phoenix has never been hotter. With…

Phoenix sees sharp increase in families renting rather than buying homes

It's not only singles putting their dreams of owning a house…

Home prices hit 4-year high, projected to skyrocket in 2019

The price of an average home grew 7.1% in May and could rise another 5.1% by 2019, according to CoreLogic analysis

Phoenix apartment rents rise 7 months straight

July marks the seventh straight month Phoenix has seen apartment…

Where Can Investors Find Value as the Market Shifts?

The multifamily market continues to outperform other sectors,…

Banks Get More Generous With Construction Loans for New Apartments

Last year, many banks cut back on how much they were willing to lend on new projects

Regulation Accounts for Over 30% of Multifamily Development Costs

New research released last week by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) found that regulation imposed by all levels of government accounts for an average of 32.1% of multifamily development costs, reaching as high as 42.6% in one-fourth of cases.

Phoenix single-family rents still growing as national prices stabilize

A decrease in low-end rental growth rates for single-family homes could foreshadow stabilization in rent prices, according to March data released by CoreLogic Inc.

Rise in construction jobs helps drive Arizona's unemployment rate down

Arizona’s jobless rate dropped two tenths of a point to 4.7 percent last month, driven in large part by an unusually strong showing in the state’s construction industry.

What Do SFR Renters Want?

Owners of single-family rental (SFR) homes have learned a lot about how to manage their properties over the last few years. But the most important lesson has been the value of their relationship with their residents.

Phoenix Multifamily Submarkets Overlooked by Developers are Producing Strongest Rent Growth

Multifamily submarkets that were overlooked by developers early in the cycle, now continue to post the strongest annual rent growth figures.

The Death of the Small Apartment Building

Developers in the U.S. built 358,000 units of new multifamily housing in 2017. That’s less than half the number of single-family homes built last year, but the gap between the two has narrowed a lot over the past decade.

Phoenix a top moving spot for Californians

With continually rising housing prices, residents of the Golden State are waking up from their California dreamin' and looking to move somewhere more affordable.

Is Phoenix’s Construction Labor Shortage Slowing Multifamily Development?

After years of equilibrium between supply and demand in Phoenix, the latter is starting to outpace the former.

Apartment Rent Concessions are 'Back With a Vengeance'

In a market saturated with new apartments, building owners have a decision to make. You can either tolerate higher vacancy rates and hope they don’t last too long. Or, you can offer a month or two of free rent to get renters in units.

3 Reasons to Invest in Class B Assets

Multifamily properties have been a great investment opportunity as rental demand continue to rise, but as the majority of all new supply coming to the market is Class A luxury-style housing, many investors have turned to Class B assets.